How to Take Care of Gutter Corner Leaks

Regular maintenance of gutters prevents clogging and helps in noticing any damages that could lead to issues. Gutter experience damages for various reasons such as being overloaded by debris or insect infestation. One of the gutter issues is leaking at the corners. These are tricky areas to repair especially if you have no prior experience. Not repairing the corners as soon as its discovered could mean big water damage issues in your home. There are various ways to take care of corner leaks.

Get the Entire System Aligned

It could be your gutter system is misaligned or it has some holes. To rule out these issues, you should contact a professionally roofer who will first clean the entire system. Cleaning gutters will clear any insect infestation, limbs, leaves and even mold. They will then check if there are any cracks or holes that they should seal. The other thing they will do is realign the entire system. Aligning it properly ensures that water flows effortlessly without leaking or overflowing around the affected corners.

Seal with Gutter Sealant

Leaky gutter joints are common and there is always something that you can do. Another way to stop the leakage at the corners is using a sealant specifically made for this purpose. This is a solution for small holes and it’s an affordable to eliminate the leakage.

Get the Big Hole Patched

If the holes are big and gutter sealant cannot be used on them, the other solution would to use a gutter patch. There is versatility in these patches. Actually it’s something that you can do on your own by using metal flashing to make a patch or buying a patching kit. Since this is a temporarily solution, it’s important that you can talk to an expert for a permanent fix.

Get the Gutter Replaced

The gutter damage could be irreparable. Maybe you have been using sealants and patches but you cannot use them anymore. May be the gutter corners were damaged by severe weather. If the leaky corners are irreparable and there are signs of damage in other areas of the gutter, a replacement needs to be done. If replacement is the only option, request for a gutter that limits the use of miters. One repairing miters will be a challenge as the homeowner and second you are not guaranteed of leak-free gutter corners.

Fixing leaky gutter corners highly depends on the nature of the damage. A loose gutter will not be fixed like a corner that is full of holes or a misalignment. Before you can settle on the solution whether it’s a repair, alignment or a replacement, a proper inspection should be done. Take the necessary preventative measures to avoid expensive repairs.

Clean the gutters regularly and protect them using gutter guards. The bottom line is that you should not wait until your gutter corners start to leak. Ensure that you conduct regular maintenance which will save you money, time and the repair hassle.