Attaining College Credits for Your own Life And Work Experience

PLA is a process to gain university credits for your life and job history by identifying your knowledge and skills, and documenting the information and skills for a committee to evaluate.

Not all schools offer the PLA process. The colleges that do offer this option may call it the “Portfolio Process” or “Assessment of Life/work Experience”. Many online universities offer this option for adult learners to save time and money on the degree plan. Many local, private colleges also offer this choice in their Adult Learner programs.

Identify your skills and knowledge. Some of these areas might be: Management Skills, Mouth Communications, Diversity Issues, Personal computer Applications, Computer Programming, Private Investments, Religious studies Come up with these skills and knowledge. These essays are usually 10 – 12 web pages each.

Document the skills and knowledge. Some ways to document are: duplicate of training classes you attended, demonstrating competency, such as showing a pc program you created or a detailed letter from your manager stating how you use these skills in your job College credit for work experience. Send the Portfolio to the school’s PLA Committee to examine. Typically the committee will assign 0 – 6 units for each essay.

Not every mature learner will want to attempt the PLA process. This process is usually for undergraduate students, not graduate students. You usually need to have several years of work experience to gain the units. The procedure is generally not offered for adult learners in technical degrees (engineering, computer science, natural sciences or nursing). Successful PLA students are usually good freelance writers and the ones who enjoying writing, documenting and compiling their corporate training and life experiences.

The average grownup learner gains 15 units from PLA. The school that teaches the process is another 3 units. Several adult learners can earn 30 units from this process. Are there other ways to gain credits for life/work experience?

Take your certificates and licenses to the university representative to verify if they are worth school credits. If the certificate or license is recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE), these recommended units may be awarded by the college. Furthermore check to see if the university has evaluated your company’s training classes to achieve additional units. If you have been in the military, show your SMART, AARTS, CCAF or DD 214 to the university representative. Many armed service classes, training and Military Occupation Specialties have been evaluated by ACE and can gain university credit.

You, as an grownup Learner, want to be able to show that you have learned on the job and have competencies. The particular PLA process allows you to demonstrate these skills and gain college or university credits. Corporations that provide tuition reimbursement for adult students can save hundreds of thousands of dollars off their total education budget because they are paying for only the PLA course. The college or university credits earned through the PLA process are at a portion of the expense of the regular class.

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